Fruitlogistica 2016: KIKU Apples, 25 years global premium branding

November 1990: Luis Braun discovers a limb in Japan, it´s the birth of a success story with global branding, from grower to consumer. Today, the premium brand KIKU has 29 licensed marketers, and continues to grow with new growers, esp. in production of organic KIKUs, and the 25.000tons sold in more than 50 countries. Synergies are created, USA and New Zealand work strongly together, the Asia continent is gaining importance every year.

During Fruitlogistica, the global Partner came together for the traditional KIKU Global Meeting. The group partied the 25 years, and decided about finetuning strategies especially in promoting the brand, the marketing mix. The sport activities increase with more athletes, good ambassadors, more events, more cross-marketing like bike brand GHOST.

“Our aim is cristalclear, and simple,” explains Jürgen Braun, CEO of KIKU Apples. “We want to motivate people to consume apples, we tell them how cool and sexy it is. Young athletes are good vehicles, we transmit positive feelings to consumers. Our side products like 100% PURE NATURE® KIKU JUICE, or the newcomers KIKU GRANITA® (slush ice), KIKU JAM and KIKU VINEGAR help in doing so. And, very important, we invite our consumer to become part of the brand, involve them with the KIKU PHOTO CONTEST. The 2016 KIKU CALENDAR includes pics of the 12monthly winners 2015. Lately, we made first steps in the KIKU LEISURE WEAR: the combi of our colors red-blue-white was chosen years ago, we branded it FRESH APPLE EMOTION. It gives everybody the sensation of young and fresh, now it´s time to support our main brand with high quality items and a strong combi with our social medias.”

Braun adds: “All events during 2016 will have the motto “25”. Our presence at Asia Fruitlogistica is natural, as Asia is a very important market for us since some years, but there is also growing interest for our high quality side products. This week we will surprise all KIKU growers at the German fair FRUCHTWELT at Lake Constance, our main production area globally. We care about them, inform them periodically about all global activities, and this fair is a good chance to thank them for their daily effort.”


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